Your 1st Drum Circle

You know what, You are gonna remember this event forever! You are gonna have no clue as to What your role will be, What will you play and How will it sound. After the initial struggle, you will find yourself adding to the main rhythm. Yes, there is something called as the Main Rhythm that everyone adds to in a Drum Circle. You might not be playing the exact rhythm and that’s cool. You will just do fine and have an amazing time at the drum jamm. Continue reading “Your 1st Drum Circle “

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Drum Circle, a mesmerizing experience

Drum Circle, a mesmerizing experience.

“I am super lucky. As a drum circle facilitator, I get the FRONT SEAT VIEW to what magic a drum circle can do over its participants. I have had the opportunity of seeing interesting twists in the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ state of mind of the participants at a drum jamm. Generally, before a drum jamm starts, a participant thinks that he/she is just gonna sit-play the drum-go back home. Yes, that’s true in majority of the cases. ‘Sit – Play the drum – Go back home’. Until, the drum jamm roller coaster starts rolling.”

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Why Should You Try A Drum Circle

Keeping the Philosophical elements aside, drum circles can help you de-stress, disconnect from a world full of worries, Let Go, help you open yourself to a community, boost your immune system and bring out an interesting side of you.

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