Drum Circle, a mesmerizing experience

Drum Circle, a mesmerizing experience.

“I am super lucky. As a drum circle facilitator, I get the FRONT SEAT VIEW to what magic a drum circle can do over its participants. I have had the opportunity of seeing interesting twists in the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ state of mind of the participants at a drum jamm. Generally, before a drum jamm starts, a participant thinks that he/she is just gonna sit-play the drum-go back home. Yes, that’s true in majority of the cases. ‘Sit – Play the drum – Go back home’. Until, the drum jamm roller coaster starts rolling.”

“Suddenly you get a hang of the Djembe (a west african percussion instrument, majorly used in drum circles) and you start realizing that you can actually play this instrument. You stop thinking about what everyone else would say as they will also be ‘Messing Up Equally’ LOL. And once the rhythm sets in, good chances you would be playing quite close to actually rhythm and tempo. Slowly, all your worries, stress, doubts, anxiety and sadness start to disappear. The power of community drumming that you actually generated along with the others, starts to takeover. And now, You are a Bigger Whole. You are now part an Ensemble that has come together to drum, rejuvenate and connect thru music.”

“You become the Drum Circle.”

Irrespective of rhythmic inaccuracies, lack of knowledge about music and doubts that you contained earlier – you start letting go and enjoy being in the moment. This entire experience fits the term Mesmerizing.

All this that you just read will stay on this page forever, will add no value or happiness to you unless you Try A Drum Circle. Don’t wait for that special day for a drum circle to happen close to your house. Feel free to connect with me know when the next jamm is happening. I will be more than happy to have you at the jamm!

Amrut Bhat
Drum Circle Facilitator

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