Why Should You Try A Drum Circle

Keeping the Philosophical elements aside, drum circles can help you de-stress, disconnect from a world full of worries, Let Go, help you open yourself to a community, boost your immune system and bring out an interesting side of you.

A ‘Positive-High’ is one major reason for you to attend a drum circle. I have been super lucky to have the opportunity  of conducting over 150 Public drum circles in Mumbai. Some have been super tiny gathering and some have been a concert size jamms. Irrespective of the size of the circle, a gathering has 100% opportunity of expressing through music which brings more vibe to the jamm. Being a participant driven activity, each individual gets the opportunity of contributing to the bigger whole.

The ease of being part of a drum circle makes these amazing benefits super-accessible and achievable. Generally one would need a good amount of practise to attain this state of a positive -high through conventional methods such as Meditation. I have tried different meditation techniques and somehow drumming/drum circles have proven to be a stronger, easy and more effective way to achieve a blissful state of satiation.

I am confident, that all the 3 paragraphs written above won’t be enough to convince you to try a drum circl. All I would suggest it to give it a shot. Just participate and go with the flow. Don’t be worried about funny thoughts like what the world would think. We are messing things up in some or the other way anyway, everyday. Drumming is just one of those things.

Feel free to connect with me to know as to when and where can you join a Free, Open for all public drum circle.


Amrut Bhat

Drum Circle Facilitator, Mumbai.

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