Your 1st Drum Circle

You know what, You are gonna remember this event forever! You are gonna have no clue as to What your role will be, What will you play and How will it sound. After the initial struggle, you will find yourself adding to the main rhythm. Yes, there is something called as the Main Rhythm that everyone adds to in a Drum Circle. You might not be playing the exact rhythm and that’s cool. You will just do fine and have an amazing time at the drum jamm.

An interesting transformation happens in each participant as the drum circle moves ahead. You stop being an independent entity and start acting as a band. You start to comprehend certain unsaid rules that keep you from disrupting the flow. And if this a public jamm, you might not even know anyone! Haha. You don’t know anyone, but some how you are all trying to achieve a somewhat complex task together and it turns out to beautiful. Interesting, isn’t it? The drum circle helps you bring out the real you, drop all walls that we all carry generally and just Let Go.

Now this effect doesn’t limit itself to a Public Drum Circles. In an organised drum jamm the fun quotient spikes to another level. You know what you got to play, you would generally know some participants and the intention is clear – You gotta Kill it! And that’s exactly what happens! I remember conducting a Corporate Drum Circle in Mumbai, where we had surprised a group of employees by getting the djembes while a presentation was on. Mahn! they were trippin really well on the drum circle vibe. After the jamm, we directly took a break for lunch and I got to interact with a good number of participants. Interestingly, some of them had never done such an activity where they could just Let Go and not worry about the world. This time they did so and they felt that they had unloaded a huge lot of stress baggage they were carrying everyday.

So! Whatever I wrote up there, is just a small percentage of the set of experiences one generally has at his/her 1st drum circle. You might have a totally different and deeper experience.

If you wish to attend a Drum Circle in Mumbai, all you got to do is drop a text or give a call. I conduct a large number of public drum circles at different parts of the city. Get your family and friends too! I am sure they will have a great time!

Don’t hold back. Drum! And Let Go!


Amrut Bhat

Drum Circle Facilitator, Mumbai.

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